Week of March 18-22

  • This week I will be gone at a conference, but you will have a substitute teacher. I am leaving worksheets and lecture notes etc. in my absence. Please attend class as regularly, as we are covering important material.
  • I’m leaving up this one website post for the week. I will post under “Lectures” the worksheet material etc.
  • Don’t forget that Monday (the 18th) you have Writing Assignment TASK A due; that’s your task for this weekend. I will be looking at these remotely via canvas and giving feedback (via canvas) as quickly as possible after you hand them in (so that everyone is on track with a good topic before spring break!).
  • We will skip homework for this Friday and Homework will be due after spring break. (With the snow day and the quiz, we hardly covered any new material to test; and anyway it’s spring break.) Homework due after break has been posted.
  • As for “45 minute tasks,” just keep the habit but use your 45 minutes to review worksheets, lecture notes, and associated textbook material.
  • I may update this post with a little more detail on Saturday, March 16th.
  • After that, enjoy your spring break!