To Do for Wed Mar 13

  • Today (Monday) we had a worksheet, but we only just started it. Please complete the section titled “Additive Dynamics” (up to end of page 5) and then compare to this brief cheatsheet: For item 1, it should look like one big cycle; item 2 you should have two cycles; for item 3, 5 pairs; for item 4, 3 cycles; finish to the end of page 5 at home. We will pick up there on Wednesday. Also, there was a typo on the second diagram on page 6, fixed in the online version here.
  • Don’t forget to bring your worksheet back to class on Wed.
  • You have homework and a QUIZ on Friday.
  • YOU HAVE A TASK DUE ON MONDAY. Read all about the Writing Assignment on the menu above, including Task A. Please let me know if you have questions. Right now, spend a little time looking through the suggested topics or googling or wikipedia-crawling around, and start to zero in on a topic.
  • For reading, we have covered Chapter 5 up to page 139, and are now starting on Chapter 6 (we have skipped pages 140-146 for now).