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Welcome to Math 3110 Introduction to Theory of Numbers
University of Colorado, Boulder

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 2:00 – 2:50 pm, ECCR 105

Instructor: Katherine Stange
Email: kstange at math colorado edu
Office: Math 308
Phone: (303) 492-3346

Office hours:

  • 10 am on Tuesdays and 2 pm on Thursdays.
  • The third hour is “floating” i.e. by appointment of first student who asks, then opened up to all.
  • I will also meet privately by appointment for private matters (grades, etc.).
  • But my apologies, please do not stop by unexpectedly. 
  • Please check for last-minute office hour changes on the daily posts.

Homework hours:

  • “Homework Hours”, meaning a designated time/place where you can meet others from your class to work on class material, are 5 pm on Mondays and 4 pm on Thursdays in Gemmill.  I won’t be there, but your friends might.

Official Course Description

(a.k.a. Number Theory)
Studies the set of integers, focusing on divisibility, congruences, arithmetic functions, sums of squares, quadratic residues and reciprocity, and elementary results on distributions of primes.
Prerequisite: MATH 2001.

My Unofficial Course Description

Number theory is the study of the integers. The integers have two principal structures — addition and multiplication — whose interaction creates complex behaviour. We study the distribution of primes, integral solutions to polynomial equations, and similar questions. While I may dabble in applications such as cryptography, we study these questions as pure mathematics.

My Policy on Influenza

Please keep in mind that flu is potentially life-threatening to the very old, very young, and immune-compromised.  Please stay home if you are feverish or have a flu and may be contagious, and I will help you catch up.

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