The Final Post

  • The pages for Lectures and Quizzes & Exam have been updated to reflect the end of the course. In particular, the former contains course notes from the last day, and the latter contains suggested exercises to prepare for the final.
  • Your last homework will be returned on the exam day (or by stopping by my office once I have them). I don’t have it back from the grader yet.
  • If you would like to meet between now and the exam, please email or come to Thursday’s 2 pm office hour. I will try to make myself very available for help on your written assignments and exam preparation.
  • I want to say that I have particularly enjoyed this class. I felt that you were a particularly good group of students, I enjoyed being in the classroom and office hour with you, and I was impressed with your hard work and dedication. Thank you all.
  • Good luck on the final exam!