To Do for Wed Apr 3

  • Attendance during the Wed/Fri before break was abysmal. Students who were absent are responsible for covering and learning that material.
  • We had two worksheets, one on Modular Dynamics and one on Primality Testing. Please complete these (the first up to end of Section 6 and the second up to end of Section 3) if you did not complete them in class.
  • The material on Modular Dynamics is absolutely crucial for the rest of the course, so I reviewed it today in class. Please take some time now to revisit and understand it in conjunction with the worksheet and the textbook. Read pages 153-159.
  • We have lately had several incidents of students breaking the honor code. First, I want to thank those of you who hold this code in high esteem. It is for those of you who care about bettering yourselves and embracing learning, that I teach this course. I also hope you will forgive those who err. Secondly, I want students who cheat to recognize that they are not only harming themselves, but disrespecting and harming their peers, teachers, community and university. Cheating will not be tolerated.
  • The CU undergraduate Math Club (QED: quest-explore-discover) will have its next talk for Spring 2019 by Professor Jeanne Clelland, this Wednesday, April 3 from 5 – 6pm in MATH 350. Title: The Will of the People: How we vote and why it matters.
  • Don’t forget TASK B is due today and we have homework due Friday. Your 4th and final quiz is already friday after this coming one (Apr 12).
  • LATE ADDITION: Check the homework page, a typo was discovered in one problem.