To Do for Mon Apr 29

  • Reading: Chapter 8, 202-207; onward to 215 if you wish to read ahead for next week’s material.
  • Online FCQs are open. Please do complete them now. I appreciate it.
  • Task F (your final project) will be due Friday, May 3rd at 11:59 pm. This is a hard deadline!)
  • I am giving written revisions on Task E, on a printout copy of your paper. If you picked up homework in class Friday, it may have been paper-clipped to that. If not, it will be given back on Monday. Please take these revisions and suggestions to heart; your Task E shows a putative final grade (which will correspond to a grade for Task E in canvas), but by devoting appropriate attention to revisions you can improve this grade for Task F (which is the major component of your grade).
  • I will make myself very available to talk over revisions all next week during the week. Please come to office hours or schedule to meet, so I can help you improve your assignment.
  • There is no more homework.
  • I will put up topics for the Final Exam on the Quizzes page, on the menu above. The final exam is cumulative. It will cover all the material we cover up from day one up to and including the last day of class.
  • If you didn’t read the last daily post, click back to check out the grading update.