To Do for Wed Apr 24

  • We have been doing very computational types of things in class lately. Please invent some problems for yourself and do them, to practice. Inventing your own problems is good practice and with this style, you can’t go too wrong. There are also problems in the book. (These things will be on the exam, but we don’t have another homework due.)
  • Online FCQs are open. Please take some time now to fill them out.
  • I have made a grading adjustment (strictly beneficial to you). I have been overall very pleased with the energy you have been putting into your written assignments, so I’ve decided to let you count that for a bit more, if it helps your final grade. Specifically, right now the scheme is ( 15% written project / 55% quizzes&exams / 30% other stuff ). There will now be an alternative ( 25% written project / 45% quizzes&exams / 30% other stuff ). You will receive whichever grade is HIGHER from these two computations, so it will only help your grade. I will not penalize the class for this in any way by curving down because of it. It just gives you two different paths to demonstrating your excellence. (Keep in mind, regardless, that the final written assignment is not an easy A; I have high standards for this. You can see the grading rubric on the Writing Assignment page. Please revisit that now as you are finishing up your draft.)