To Do for Wed, Feb 27

  • Please compare your quiz (handed back on Mon) with the solutions. Spend a little time learning what you missed or were confused about.
  • If you didn’t attend the LaTeX tutorial, check out the Tutorial Page (in the menu above), just to check out what you missed. You might find something useful.
  • Finish reading Chapter 3 of your textbook. We will finish it in class Wednesday, so this is reading ahead. (Note: sometimes I assign reading ahead and sometimes afterward. Figure out what works for you and read ahead more if that’s best for you.)
  • I have uploaded grades to Canvas so you know what they are. You should be able to see how individual grades compare to the mean in the course. Please double-check your homework and quiz grades are correct.
  • UPDATE: I’m planning a Sage workshop Monday in BESC 385 (same room). (This is mandatory, not optional.)
  • THIS JUST IN: Math Club talk on Wednesday titled “Are Random Algebras Really `Random’ ?” in Math 350, 5-6 pm.
  • NOTICE: Office hours Tuesday, Feb 26th have been cancelled due to illness.