To Do For Mon, Feb 25

  • IMPORTANT: Monday we will have a LaTeX lab in BESC 385. This is in Benson Earth Sciences, not in our regular room. There are not quite enough computers for everyone, but there is plenty of seating, so bring your laptop if possible. If you can’t bring your laptop, you can use one of the lab computers. I’ll give an intro/overview of LaTeX and then have a worksheet set up for you to work through easy-to-medium LaTeX challenges so you can learn the most important skills, while I circulate the room to help people with anything. You could use this as time to LaTeX up your homework, etc., if you already have the basics down. Please do attend if you are not familiar with LaTeX. If you are a LaTeX expert, you may feel free to do whatever is helpful to you (attend or not attend). Students can be working on whatever they like (as long as it is productive!) during the hour.
  • You’ve earned a brief rest this weekend, so use the time to catch up on reading or homework (new homework is assigned on the Homework page).