To do for Fri, Jan 25

  • You have homework due Friday, don’t forget. The homework is like a “standard course”, i.e. graded on correctness, and you take as much time as you need whenever during the week works for you (it’s not part of the 45-minute tasks).
  • Read the Homework page (above, right for link). In particular, read the honour code rules. I have slightly unusual honour code rules, and you should email me if they aren’t clear at all.
  • I have set office hours and they are now listed on the “Course Info” page. However, this starts next week. Thursday the 24th I’m completely booked up; email if you need me ASAP.
  • If you want (optional!), please log in to the canvas and complete another when2meet poll for “homework hours”. That is, I will set designated study hours at Gemmill or the MARC, where you can all meet to work on homework during the week. By setting such hours, you can go there to work and will find people who are working on the same course. I won’t be there, and there’s no guarantee anyone else will either, but it will facilitate meeting your peers. Please send me your advice on location in email (Gemmill or MARC? should we designate a more specific location?).
  • Today we formalized the Euclidean algorithm. The next task is to try to to solve equations of the form ax+by=c, in integers. You’ll find that our textbook unifies these problems, so today’s reading will review what we’ve done but simultaneously get you started on solving such equations.
  • Read your text, Pages 25-32 inclusive. Take your time and read actively. It’s better to do just some of it well, than all of poorly.
  • By the way, I’m recalling the library’s copy of the text, to put on course reserve, but it is taking time.
  • Do at least one gcd computation for practice.
  • If you are done the reading etc., find someone who doesn’t know the Euclidean algorithm and explain it to them.