To Do for Fri Mar 5

  • Office hours Thursday are 3 pm instead of 2 pm. I may be slightly late, and I may have to end early. But I’ll try to make it a full hour (I have several student defenses that day, so it’s very busy).
  • You have homework due Friday.
  • On the worksheet from class today, complete up to the end of Section 3.
  • Friday in class we will begin by doing Section 4/5 in pairs. If you completed Section 4 on Wednesday, I’ll have a challenge task for you, so expect something fun.
  • Please complete the Discrete Log Quiz on canvas, associated to our recent material. This is a quick concept check.
  • I was asked by a former student to advertise a sort of tech start up competition for CU students.
  • On Friday at 4 pm, James Grime (who does Numberphile) is giving a talk on “Alan Turing and the Enigma Machine” (click for poster). This is not one to be missed! It’s going to be really fun, and it is very relevant to our class. If you would like to earn a little extra credit toward the “Daily Tasks” portion of your grade, please attend this talk and there will be a quick canvas quiz on it open during the talk. There’s pizza and stuff afterward.

To Do for Wed Apr 3

  • Attendance during the Wed/Fri before break was abysmal. Students who were absent are responsible for covering and learning that material.
  • We had two worksheets, one on Modular Dynamics and one on Primality Testing. Please complete these (the first up to end of Section 6 and the second up to end of Section 3) if you did not complete them in class.
  • The material on Modular Dynamics is absolutely crucial for the rest of the course, so I reviewed it today in class. Please take some time now to revisit and understand it in conjunction with the worksheet and the textbook. Read pages 153-159.
  • We have lately had several incidents of students breaking the honor code. First, I want to thank those of you who hold this code in high esteem. It is for those of you who care about bettering yourselves and embracing learning, that I teach this course. I also hope you will forgive those who err. Secondly, I want students who cheat to recognize that they are not only harming themselves, but disrespecting and harming their peers, teachers, community and university. Cheating will not be tolerated.
  • The CU undergraduate Math Club (QED: quest-explore-discover) will have its next talk for Spring 2019 by Professor Jeanne Clelland, this Wednesday, April 3 from 5 – 6pm in MATH 350. Title: The Will of the People: How we vote and why it matters.
  • Don’t forget TASK B is due today and we have homework due Friday. Your 4th and final quiz is already friday after this coming one (Apr 12).
  • LATE ADDITION: Check the homework page, a typo was discovered in one problem.