To Do for Wed, Jan 16

  • Please read the static pages on this website. You’ll find them listed at right, “Course Info”, “Goals”, etc.
  • Please make inroads to obtaining your textbook. If you have it, please give it a look. It’s quite nice.
  • Please figure out how to log into canvas and fill out the “get to know you” quiz you’ll find there. If you are not waitlisted or registered, you may not be able to access this (although I think you should be able to). If this is the case, please write me an email briefly letting me know (1) whether you attended on Monday, January 14th, (2) your registration situation, and (3) whether you have read the website in detail.
  • Our course looked very crowded on day one. But it tends to clear up a bit. Please keep in mind that I will administratively drop students who are not attending (I will take attendance) and participating in these daily tasks. I will be posting a “to-do” post on this website by 5:30 after each day of classes, and you are expected to budget 45 minutes to do whatever I ask of you before the next lecture.
  • Finally, I plan to post notes from the first-day lecture’s questions sheet. You will find them under “Lectures” at right, but this may take a little longer than 5:30 pm today, since I’m updating them a bit. One note: I wrote the error term on the Prime Number Theorem incorrectly in class. This will be corrected in the notes.